FPA 2813883: logging on Whidbey Island, April 28 2014

Day three of logging, no one seems to care much about the "RMZ" - Riparian Management Zone.

The permit states "NO harvest in the inner zone. Outer zone RMZ leave trees marked with blue flagging. Using existing road only NO road work in RMZ."

There are less than 10 trees marked to "leave", the smallest sickliest useless trees - anything with a bit of market value is being mowed down. I don't know how the trees can be moved without a road extension, new bridge or crossing through the RMZ itself. There is a small 15 foot seam along the edge of our properties, but at a steep angle. Trying to skid logs along there may be a problem, and certainly much more expensive to move one at a time.

I moved some patio chairs out so we can sit and keep a watch; trying ensure our trees aren't damaged and keep the excavators off our land.

Logging permits can be browsed or downloaded by searching by FPA number at: https://fortress.wa.gov/dnr/fparssearch

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